Android Development Roadmap with Java

Course By Google

Follow these Course Step by step to learn Android Development in Java

  1.  User Interface – Android Basics: User Interface
  2. User Input – Android Basics: User Input
  3. Multiscreen Apps – Android Basics: Multiscreen Apps course
  4. Networking course – Android Basics: Networking
  5. Data Storage course – Android Basics: Data Storage
  6. Developing Android Apps course – Developing Android Apps course
  7. Advanced Android App Development – Advanced App Development
  8. Firebase in a weekend – Firebase in a Weekend: Android 
  9. Material Design Course – Material Design for Android Developers Course

YouTube Videos That Helps

  1. Android Playlist And ZainFarhan playlists
  2. CodeWithHarry Android
  3. Java in One Video
  4. OOP in One Video


  1. Common Android View Cheat Sheet – Download
  2. Common Android Vocabulary – Read Now

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